RespiWin 520 life support versatile ventilator is designed for use in hospitals and in transit, offering invasive and non-invasive ventilation and respiratory monitoring support.

Built with a turbine-driven ventilation system to showcase high standards of ventilation therapy in any challenging environment or acute situation. From initial setup to everyday use, RespiWin is an advanced, high quality ICU & In-transit ventilator combined with ease of operation.

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Pressure Control Ventilation Modes
  • PC-CMV
  • PC-ACV
  • PSV
Volume Control Ventilation Modes
  • VC-CMV
Support of Breathing
  • CPAP
  • Support both invasive & Noninvasive ventilation type
  • Spontaneous breath decision
  • Breath detection sensitivity
  • Inhale/Exhale pleasure selection
  • Separate pressure control for assist breath to get better synchrony
  • Spontaneous breath rate monitoring to analyze weaning
  • Due to small form factor it can be used as both ICU and transport ventilator
  • Support both central gas line &cylinder gas connectivity
  • Wide range of I:E ration
  • Real-time graph of Volume, Pressure and Flow for breathing pattern analysis
  • Up to 3-hour battery backup for emergency situation
  • Easy to operate with user friendly UI
Patient Adult
Respiratory Rate 6 - 40 breath/min
Inspiration Time 0.3 – 10 sec
Tidal Volume 50 – 2000 ml
Inspiratory Pressure 1 – 60 cm H2O
PEEP 0 – 50 cm H2O
Pressure Support 0 – 50 cm H2O
O2 Concentration 21 – 100% (Controlled by external flow meter for low flow)
Trigger Sensitivity
  • Pressure Trigger 0 – 10 cm H2O
  • Flow Trigger 1 – 10 L/min
Inspiration Termination Criteria 10 – 75% Peak Inspiratory Flow
Ventilation Rate(I:E) 1:4 – 4:1
Minute Volume 1.8 – 40 L
Curve Display Tidal Volume, Pressure and Flow
Display Parameter
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Spontaneous Breath Rate
  • Tidal Volume
  • Peak Inspiratory Pressure
  • Oxygen Concentration
  • PEEP
Alarms & Safety
Peak Airway Pressure High – Low
Tidal Volume High – Low
Apena Time 0.5 – 20 sec
Spontaneous breathing frequency High – Low
Respiratory Rate High – Low
Operating Data
Power Connection 24V DC
Current Consumption Max 3 Amps
Battery Up to 4 Hours
Interface Bluetooth + Display (view)
Gas Specification
Gas Supply Technology Turbine Technology
Gas Type Air(Inbuilt Turbine) O2 Supply
Gas Connectivity Cylinder, Central Gas Line
Device Details
Weight Approx. 3Kg
Diagonal Screen Size 8.1”
UI and Industrial Design By Onio Design Pvt. Ltd
Basic Parameter RespiWin 520 Competitors
Technology Turbine Turbine / Compressor
Maximum Flow Delivery 260 L/Min. 250 L/Min.
Tidal Volume (mL) 50-2000 50-2000
Peak Pressure (cmH2O) 1 - 60 0 - 60
PEEP (cmH2O) 0-50 0-50
Accurate monitoring of delivered volume & air pressure with proximal sensors Yes Selected Models
Dual Display for Emergency Yes No
Wrong Parameter Safety Yes Selected Models
Battery Backup Upto 4hrs Upto 3-4hrs Avg.
Remote Operation & Monitoring Yes No
Breath Log Yes Selected Models
Operation Log Yes Selected Models
Portablity Easy Varies As per Different Models
Commercial Parameter RespiWin 520 Competitors
Cost 1/5 Cost of Competitor Avg Approx 10 lakh +
Warranty 1 Year Replacement Gaurantee Usually 1 year without CMC

1. Indigenously ‘Make in India’.

2. Economical ventilator while maintaining highest standards.

3. Remote Operation - Detachable screen to operate from a distance.

4. Remote Monitoring - Doctors can monitor multiple ventilators from remote central monitoring system.

5. Accurate delivery and monitoring of Volume & Pressure.

6. High-end yet versatile - ICU and transport ventilator for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation support.

7. Safety mechanism against false value parameters..

8. Mechanical safety for lung protection.

9. Per breath Log files and reports.

10. Low consumable cost compared to other ventilators in the market.

11. Dual screen display.

12. User friendly and intuitive control design.


1. Eight accurate pressure, volume and breathing support modes.

2. Spontaneous breath detection with trigger level selection.

3. Spontaneous breath rate counting allows monitoring of weaning.

4. Facility to set and detect various advanced alarms.

5. Respiwin 520 can be used without and/or with external O2 gas supply

6. Real time graphs help in analysing the patient’s condition with ease.

7. Advanced turbine-driven systems provide accurate delivery.

8. Up to 4 hours battery backup.

Certification Standards

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Respiwin 520 is indigenously made in India, Developed by Innovseed LLP in the association of Not-for-Profit organization - DRC Techno.

Existing ventilator manufacturers have a long history in making ventilators but we are proud to present the Raspiwin 520 ventilator that is designed and built to match the benchmark that any other international brand offers.
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The list of certifications and testing fulfilled so far are listed below:

1. IEC Standard 60601.1.

2. IEC Standard 60601.1.2:2014

3. CE

4. ISO 13485:2016

5. ISO 9001:2015

RespiWin 520 is an advanced turbine driven ventilator equipped for ventilation therapy in any challenging environment or acute situation.

RespiWin 520 is built to support both noninvasive and invasive ventilation therapy or needs

There are 8 modes covering Pressure control ventilation modes (PC-CMV, PC-ACV, PSV, PSIMV), Volume Control Ventilation Mode (VC-CMV) and Breathing Support Modes (CPAP, BiPaP S/T & BiPaP S).

RespiWin 520 comes with a 1 Year Replacement warranty.

RespiWin 520 is a versatile ICU ventilator as well as transport ventilator, can be used in Hospitals and in-transit for ventilation therapy and respiratory monitoring support in any challenging environment or acute situation.

RespiWin 520 supports both central gas line and external cylinders. Moreover, it can be operated without any external gas supply upto 21% of oxygen as well.

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